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Does a Leaf Blower Work on Snow

Crystal Spangler

A leaf blower is a garden tool that many people use to clear leaves from their yards. However, some people wonder if a leaf blower can also be used on snow. While a leaf blower will not completely remove all the snow from your yard, it can help to move the snow around and make it easier to shovel.

If you’re like most people, the first thing you think of when you see a leaf blower is blowing leaves. But did you know that a leaf blower can also be used to blow snow? While it may not be as effective as a snow blower, a leaf blower can still be a helpful tool in clearing your driveway or walkway of snow.

Here’s how it works: The leaf blower will create a powerful wind that will help to dislodge the snow from the ground. You’ll need to move the leaf blower back and forth to ensure that all of the snow is removed.

Once you’ve got all of the loose snow cleared, you can use the leaf blower to blow it into a pile. Then, simply shovel it off to the side and voila! Your path is clear.

Keep in mind that a leaf blower isn’t going to be able to handle large amounts of snow, so if you live in an area that gets heavy snowfall, you’ll likely need to stick with a traditional shoveling method. But for light snowfall, a leaf blower can definitely do the trick!

How To Remove Snow With A Leaf Blower

Does a Leaf Blower Work on Snow

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-How Do I Know If My Leaf Blower is Powerful Enough to Blow Snow

Assuming you’re talking about a snow blower and not a leaf blower, the answer is actually quite simple. Most snow blowers will have a specification for the amount of snow it can handle in a minute, and this is usually listed in inches. For example, a common specification is “throws up to 1500 pounds of snow per minute.”

To convert this to cubic feet, we can use the following formula: 1500 lb/min x 1 ft3/1728 lb x 60 min/1 hr = 11.57 ft3/hr This means that your snow blower can handle about 11.6 cubic feet of snow every hour.

To put this into perspective, one cubic foot of dry powdery snow weighs about 7 pounds, so your snow blower can theoretically move almost 81000 pounds (40 tons) of snow per hour!


A leaf blower can be a useful tool for clearing snow, but it is not as effective as a snowblower. The leaf blower will blow the snow out of the way, but it will not remove all of the snow. The snow will still need to be shoveled away.

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