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Flowers And Plants Activities For Preschoolers

Crystal Spangler

Flowers and plants are not only beautiful, but they can also be fun for preschoolers to learn about. Here are some activities that your preschooler will love while they learn about flowers and plants. Have your preschooler help you plant some flowers in pots or in the ground.

They can dig the holes, help you add the soil, and then gently place the flowers in the ground. Watering the flowers together can also be a fun activity. Take a nature walk and have your preschooler look for different flowers and plants.

See if they can find ones that are blooming and ones that are not. They can also look for different colors and types of flowers. If you have a camera, take some pictures of the flowers and plants so your preschooler can remember what they looked like.

Once you are back home from your nature walk, look up the flowers and plants that your preschooler found in a book. See if they can find them in the book and read about what they look like and where they grow.

Looking for a fun and educational activity for your preschooler? Try one of these flower and plant themed activities! – Visit a local nursery or botanical garden and let your child explore the different types of flowers and plants.

Ask them to identify as many as they can by name and color. – Plant a mini garden together with your child. Choose some easy to grow flowers or plants, such as sunflowers or zinnias, and let them help with the planting, watering and care.

– Collect flowers on a nature walk and press them in a heavy book to make pretty flower art. – Make a homemade herb or flower-scented play dough for your child to play with. – Taste test different types of fruits and vegetables with your child and talk about which ones they like the best.

Compare the taste, texture and smell of different fruits and vegetables, and see if they can identify them by sight and smell alone.

Look Inside a Flower! | Science Project for Kids

How do you teach preschoolers flowers?

When it comes to teaching preschoolers about flowers, there are a few key things that you will want to keep in mind. First of all, it is important to remember that preschoolers are still very much in the process of learning and understanding the world around them. As such, you will want to take a patient and gentle approach when teaching them about flowers.

One of the best ways to teach preschoolers about flowers is to take them on a nature walk. This will give them a chance to see flowers in their natural environment and to ask any questions that they may have about them. You can also point out different parts of the flower as you are walking, such as the stem, the petals, and the leaves.

Another great way to teach preschoolers about flowers is to grow some flowers of your own. This can be done either in a garden or in pots on a windowsill. Let your preschoolers help you with the planting and care of the flowers, and they will be sure to take a real interest in them.

You can also use the opportunity to teach them about the different parts of the flower and how they come together to create a beautiful bloom. Whatever approach you take, be sure to keep things fun and engaging for your preschoolers. They will be sure to enjoy learning about flowers if you make it an enjoyable experience for them.

How do you teach a preschooler to plants?

When it comes to teaching a preschooler about plants, there are a few key things that you will want to focus on. First, it is important to introduce the concept of plants and what they are. Explain that plants are living things that need water and sunlight to grow.

Next, you can show your preschooler a plant and point out some of its features, such as the leaves, stem, and roots. Finally, you can help your preschooler plant a seed and watch it grow! By doing these activities, your preschooler will develop a better understanding of plants and how they work.

What children can learn from flowers?

There are many things that children can learn from flowers. For example, children can learn about the different parts of a flower, how flowers grow, and the different colors and shapes of flowers. Additionally, children can learn about the different seasons by observing the flowers that bloom during each season.

By learning about flowers, children can also develop an appreciation for nature.

What are the preschool activities?

When it comes to preschool activities, the sky is the limit. That said, there are some preschool activities that are more popular than others. Here are a few of the most popular preschool activities:

• Arts and crafts: Whether it’s painting, coloring, or sculpting with play-doh, arts and crafts are always a hit with preschoolers. • Music and movement: Preschoolers love to get up and move, and music is the perfect way to get them moving. From singing and dancing to playing instruments, music and movement activities are always a hit.

• Imagination games: Preschoolers are full of imagination, and they love games that let them use their imaginations. Games like make-believe, pretend play, and dress-up are always popular. • Outdoor play: Preschoolers love to be outdoors, and there are plenty of great outdoor activities to keep them entertained.

From playing in the park or sandbox to running and jumping, outdoor play is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise. • Learning activities: Preschoolers are always learning, and they love activities that help them learn. Games, puzzles, and activities that teach them letters, numbers, and shapes are always popular.

No matter what activities you choose, the important thing is to have fun and spend time bonding with your preschooler. These years are short, so make the most of them!

flowers and plants activities for preschoolers

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Flower music and movement activities

Incorporating music and movement into your flower-themed activities is a great way to engage your students and get them excited about learning. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 1. Use flower-themed songs to teach number recognition and counting.

For example, sing “Five Little Flowers” while holding up five fingers, or “Ten in the Bed” while placing ten flowers in a line. 2. Create a simple flower dance. Invite your students to move like flowers in the wind, swaying their arms and bodies to the music.

3. Play flower-themed games such as “Pin the Petal on the Flower” or “Musical Flowers”. 4. Make homemade instruments and use them to accompany flower songs. For example, fill small plastic bottles with rice or beans to create shakers, or use paper plates and rubber bands to make drums.

5. Use flower images to inspire creative movement. For example, have students pretend to be bees buzzing around a flower, or butterflies fluttering their wings. By incorporating music and movement into your flower activities, you’ll create a fun and interactive learning experience for your students.

Flower activities lesson plans

Looking for some fun and educational flower activities for your students? Look no further! Here are some great lesson plans that will have your students learning about flowers in no time.

One great activity is to have students plant their own flowers. This can be done in a classroom or in a school garden. Give each student a flower pot and some soil.

Then, let them choose a flower seed from a variety of options. Help them plant the seeds in their pots and water them regularly. Over time, they will be able to watch their flowers grow!

Another fun activity is to have students make their own bouquets. Give each student a few flowers and some ribbon or string. They can then arrange the flowers however they like and tie them together with the ribbon.

This is a great activity for exploring creativity and self-expression. Finally, you can use flowers as a way to teach your students about the different parts of a plant. Give each student a flower and a magnifying glass.

Have them look closely at the flower and identify the different parts, such as the petals, stem, and leaves. This is a great way to introduce students to the basic parts of a plant. These are just a few of the many possibilities for flower-themed activities in your classroom.

Get creative and see what other ideas you can come up with!

Activities related to flowers

There are many activities related to flowers, from growing and caring for them to using them in crafts and decoration. For those who enjoy gardening, growing flowers can be a relaxing and rewarding activity. There are many different types of flowers that can be grown, so there is sure to be one that is perfect for any garden.

Caring for flowers is not difficult, but does require some attention in order to keep them healthy and blooming. Crafting with flowers is a popular activity, and there are many different ways to use them. Flowers can be pressed and dried to create unique cards or stationery.

They can also be used to decorate picture frames, mirrors, or other home decor items. Fresh flowers can be used to create beautiful arrangements, or made into boutonnieres and corsages. Flowers can also be enjoyed simply by looking at them.

Many people enjoy keeping fresh flowers in their home, and they can also be enjoyed in public spaces such as parks and gardens. Looking at flowers can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity, and they can brighten up any space.


If you’re looking for some fun and easy activities to do with your preschooler that involve flowers and plants, you’ve come to the right place! Here are five activities that are perfect for springtime or any time of year. 1. Plant a flower together.

This is a great activity for teaching your child about the life cycle of a plant. You’ll need some soil, a pot, and a seedling or two. Have your child help you plant the seeds, then water them and watch them grow!

2. Go on a nature walk. Take a walk around your neighborhood or a nearby park and look for different types of flowers and plants. See if you can identify them using a field guide or an app on your phone.

3. Make a flower crown. This is a fun activity for a springtime birthday party or just a fun afternoon. You’ll need some fake flowers, a hot glue gun, and some ribbon.

Have your child help you glue the flowers onto the ribbon to make a beautiful crown. 4. Paint with flowers. This is a fun and messy activity that’s perfect for a sunny day.

All you need is some washable paint, a few flowers, and a piece of paper. Place the flowers in the paint and then have your child use them to make a picture. 5. Press flowers.

This is a great activity for preserving the beauty of springtime flowers.

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