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How Do You Make Snowflake Christmas Lights?

Crystal Spangler

To make your own snowflake Christmas lights, you’ll need some clear mini lights, some wire, and a hot glue gun. You’ll also need some fake snowflakes. You can find these at most craft stores.

Making your own snowflake Christmas lights is easier than you may think! All you need are some clear Christmas lights, white felt, and a hot glue gun. First, cut the felt into small snowflake shapes.

You can use a template or freehand them. Then, carefully glue the snowflakes onto the light bulbs using the hot glue gun. Be sure not to get any glue on the wires!

Once all of the bulbs are covered in snowflakes, plug in your lights and enjoy your homemade decoration!

How Do You Make Snowflake Christmas Lights?

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-How Do You Make Snowflake Christmas Lights

If you want to create a festive and unique Christmas decoration for your home this holiday season, why not try making your own snowflake Christmas lights? This project is easy to do and only requires a few materials that you likely already have around the house. Plus, it’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit!

To make snowflake Christmas lights, you will need: -Miniature clear Christmas lights (the kind that look like tiny bulbs) -White pipe cleaners

-Scissors -A pencil or pen First, take your miniature clear Christmas lights and screw them into an empty light socket.

Next, use scissors to cut the white pipe cleaners into small sections. Once you have enough pieces, begin shaping them into snowflakes by bending and twisting the pipe cleaner sections. You can be as creative as you like with this step – just make sure that each of your snowflakes is slightly different in appearance.

Once all of your pipe cleaner snowflakes are finished, carefully poke a hole through the center of each one using a pencil or pen. Then thread the end of each snowflake onto a light bulb until all are attached. When you plug in your lights, your handmade snowflakes will illuminated and add some extra sparkle to your holiday decor!


In this blog post, the author explains how to make snowflake Christmas lights. First, you will need some supplies including a string of lights, a Styrofoam ball, and some pipe cleaners. Once you have your supplies, cut the Styrofoam ball in half and then use the pipe cleaners to create snowflakes on each half of the ball.

Once your snowflakes are complete, simply put the two halves of the ball back together and then wrap your string of lights around it. That’s it! You now have a beautiful snowflake light display for your home this holiday season.

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